Did you know that millions of teens in the US participate in some form of high school sports? That’s because high school athletics is super popular, and the number of athletes is just going to grow.

That being said, many schools require student-athletes to undergo a physical exam before participating in sports. Why is this important? Here’s why:

1. Assesses Current Physical Health and Condition

Sports physicals aren’t your usual physicals. It’s not about knowing if you’re healthy. It’s about knowing if there’s a problem before participating in a sport. For example, a sports physical exam looks for things such as heart problems, back issues, and the like.

Even if your child’s school doesn’t require a sports physical, it is still recommended to have your child undergo one. Discovering these problems will allow your child to get the treatment needed to recover from them to not only play sports better but also enjoy a higher quality of life overall.

2. Track the Progression of the Student’s Health

The physicals are done each year in order to assess the student’s progression. For example, a student’s performance in a sport and their fitness level change on a year-to-year basis, depending on how active they are and the sports they participate in.

As the student progresses, the physical exam becomes more complicated to detect these changes. The changes in the students’ health are able to be observed in the physical exam, which allows the student and their parents to ask questions, seek advice, and make informed decisions about the student’s health to better progress the student’s athletic skills and more.

In addition to this, any injuries that may have come to light can also be caught and identified. This enables such injuries to be treated before they get worse.

3. Reduces the Risk of Injuries

The purpose of a sports physical is not to avoid injuries. That’s just plain impossible. It is to reduce the risk of injuries, meaning to push it as close to zero as possible!

Since sports physicals are a checkup, it allows your child to identify issues ahead of time. Knowing the issues allows your child to work on them, providing your child with the knowledge and skills needed to avoid injuries in the first place.

For example, an athlete with a physical exam will know how to perform a good warm-up routine and what to look out for when playing their sport to avoid injury. 

In other words, the physical exam provides the athlete with preparation, knowledge, and skills to better avoid injury.


For many, a sports physical is a pain—a nuisance, even. It is something that they have to go through in order to play their sport, and without one, they’re barred. However, the reality is that sports physical do so much more than act as a ticket to be able to play a particular sport. They can help a student assess their health and form, learn ways to avoid injury, and more, all of which can benefit them in their play! So, if your child is going to participate in high school sports, have them undergo a sports physical right away!

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