From treating sickness to detecting disease, a blood test allows your doctor to see your health’s physiological and pathological status.

And why not? Blood is the all-encompassing tissue that interacts with all other tissues and organs. It is the home of essential immune cells, the carrier of oxygen and nutrients, and, in short, it protects and regulates our entire body.

The fantastic thing about blood is that it may reveal so much more about your health. It can provide information on your organs, their functions, food, metabolism, and various other topics.

Here are a few main reasons why you should have blood testing regularly.

1. A blood test can determine how well your organs are functioning

A blood test is likely the most readily available preventative tool for determining how healthy your organs are and how effectively they perform. A blood test is used to get a diagnosis for practically all organ-related problems.

A simple potassium count by a blood test, for example, can determine the health of your kidneys. If your potassium level rises to a hazardous level, you will be diagnosed with renal disease and treated.

2. A blood test can tell what causes fatigue and shortness of breath

Fatigue and shortness of breath are just warning signs. It’s the symptom of a larger underlying issue. So, if you experience these two symptoms, you should take them seriously.

A blood test can tell what causes fatigue and shortness of breath. For instance, anemia is a common cause of these two symptoms. This will be your first clue to a severe condition such as liver or kidney disorders in most cases.

3. A blood test can diagnose a virus or bacterial infection

Bacterial and viral infections are some of the most common health problems that can be easily identified with a simple blood test. For instance, a simple white blood cell count can determine if you have a bacterial infection, and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test can determine if you have prostate cancer.

4. Weight fluctuation

A blood test will definitely help you out if you wish to know the explanation for a sudden gain or decrease in weight.

A rapid gain in weight can need you to increase your workout time and adhere to a strict diet and lead to many ailments associated with heart and liver damage concerns, and a fast fall in weight can also be a problem that leads to thyroid troubles.

5. Blood tests to assess your risk of certain diseases

Many diseases are incurable and require preventive measures. And a blood test can determine the risk of some of the most common diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. 

Moreover, many tests like genetic tests for tumor markers, liver enzymes, and cholesterol can reveal your risk of getting a specific disease.

6. Health is Wealth

A blood test can be instrumental if you want to maintain your health at a certain level. It can tell the nutritional value of your food and the quality of your water. Moreover, it can tell if you have certain congenital or hereditary conditions.

Blood tests are also helpful in detecting certain infections and inflammations.


A blood test is cost-effective for keeping a tab on your health and keeping diseases at bay. It is easy, painless, and can reveal a lot of information about your health. So, it’s highly recommended that you should get blood tests regularly.

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